a day i won’t soon forget

This morning we headed down to the Victoria Day Parade with the Verges. After an enjoyable couple of hours, Jen and I headed back to my car with the hungry girls so we could nurse them. I was parked on Burnside Road, which was busy because of the parade. The road was also wet from rain.

We had been sitting there for about ten minutes chatting and breastfeeding Amy and Carys when all of a sudden I heard a screech of tires behind us. I can’t remember if I looked in my mirror or if I actually turned around, but I caught a glimpse of a car headed straight for us. Then came the awful noise of cars crashing together, and we jolted forward, into the car parked ahead of us.

My first thought was Amy. I looked down and she appeared to be fine. My next thought was Jen and Carys. They both seemed fine as well. We both then leaped out of the car, very shaken up and angry. A woman with two adult passengers and two kids had hit us. Apparently traffic had slowed to a stop in front of her, and when she went to put on the brakes her gas pedal stuck, so she didn’t stop. She hit the car ahead of her, and then she bounced into us. I suspect she accidentally pressed the gas and the brake at the same time, but I can’t be sure.

No one was hurt, thank goodness. Someone not involved in the accident called 911, and an ambulance arrived shortly after the accident. I tried to call Greg, who was still watching the parade, but got his voice mail. Thankfully he showed up right before the ambulance did. The police and the fire truck arrived pretty quickly as well. The police took everyone’s statements, and the firefighters checked for any fluid leaks from the cars. Elliot thought it was all pretty cool, as he was oblivious to what had happened and was focussed on all the emergency vehicles. Probably a good thing.

Both Jen and I were (and still are) very shaken up. Mostly because we imagined what could have happened. If the car had been going faster, if we hadn’t been holding on to our kids, if I had been getting out of the car…it’s scary thinking of all the what ifs.

But we are all safe and sound. My neck and back are a bit sore, and I’ll probably be stiff tomorrow, but I don’t think it’s anything serious.

In addition to the emotional and physical impact, there is the practical impact. There is significant damage to the back of our car, and some (hopefully) minor damage to the front. Greg and I are due to go to the mainland on Friday, so we need a car that fits both car seats, our stuff and the dog. The car seats unfortunately don’t fit in our truck. So I’m hoping things go smoothly with ICBC, and we can get a suitable rental.

But again, thank goodness we are all unharmed. That is by far the most important thing.


There seem to be way more birds in our yard than in previous years. It may just be that we are noticing them more because Elliot points them out to us, but I really don’t remember there ever being this many.

I’m not a bird fan — I’m actually scared of them — but there are these small grey ones that have beautiful red heads, and I’m actually going to do some research to see if I can figure out what they are. They are quite pretty.

There are also lots of little all-grey ones (swallows? starlings?) that take dust baths in our back yard, and then the usual crows and seagulls. And this morning I happened to be looking out our front window when two bald eagles flew right in front of it, followed by a bunch of seagulls chasing them.