saying goodbye

I’ve got all sorts of thoughts and emotions running around in my head as a result of Amy’s arrival, and I’m hoping to get at least some of them down here over the next few days.

One of the things I am looking forward to with Amy is not having to adjust from a life without children to a life with children. It took a long time — longer than I thought it would — for me to make this adjustment when Elliot arrived. I know there will be lots of other adjustments, but at least I’ve already plunged into a child-filled world. I have some idea of what to expect, and I have some idea of how much less time I’ll have for me.

But something I wasn’t expecting is a feeling of sadness that has accompanied Amy’s birth. Part of it is hormones, part of it is feeling sad about the end of my pregnancy, knowing it was my last one, but I think the majority of the sadness comes from the realization that Greg, Elliot and I have reached the end of the road as a threesome. We have had a lot of fun over the past two years, and I say goodbye to that threesome with regret.

Thankfully the regret is coupled with a whole lot of anticipation for what’s in store for us as a foursome.

chocolate brownie not so good for heartburn

And two glasses of water and a mocktail before bed not so good for bladder. But it was nice to go out and see some girlfriends.

So not the greatest sleep last night…and obviously no baby. I haven’t had bad heartburn for about a month, and last night was pretty bad. So of course I’m thinking that maybe that means something will happen. I’m grasping, I know.

Stay tuned.

same old same old

For those of you checking…nothing happening yet. I can’t even say I had a contraction last night. I hardly woke up at all, in fact, which was kind of nice.

It’s starting to feel weird, this waiting. Especially when I go to bed, because I think I have more time to think of it. It’s strange knowing that labour will come some time soon, but to not know when.

Unfortunately it looks like I missed the window of having my own doctor deliver Beet, as her call ends in 2.5 hours. Unless I go another week! 🙂

one contraction at a time

I woke up last night at about 2:45 with a contraction. One, single contraction. Nothing followed. I lay awake for about 45 minutes wondering if something was going to happen. Nope, just one. Painful enough to wake me up, but that was it.

But I’ve achieved my second goal…I didn’t have an April Fool’s baby. My next goal will be to avoid having this baby in May. 😉

My fluid volume is fine — it actually went up from last week. I have another ultrasound on Friday.

it’s gonna be an april baby

Which is just fine with me. That way Beet and Greg won’t have to share a birthday month.

I have another ultrasound today to check fluid volume, and if it’s still okay, we’re just in a holding pattern for the next few days. Which is also fine with me. I’m not at the point yet where I’m anxious to get this baby out. I’m very much aware of the fact that he/she is much easier to take care of in his/her current location.