why i should not read information on the internet

Apparently I can drink castor oil with little problem. I just drank the prescribed two ounces with two ounces of orange juice. It was oily, but it just tasted like oj.

Then I stupidly did some internet reading (I did this last night too…I’m a glutton for punishment). Here are some quotes:

“Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are common in castor oil inductions and are not only uncomfortable during labor but can cause the mother to become dehydrated.”

“Castor oil does cross the placenta, causing severe problems!”

“You can go into false labour, have horrible runs, and just get sick. You should make sure you are willing to deal with this if it doesn’t promote labour.”

Admittedly these quotes are from lay people — the professionals say otherwise — but I think I’ll stop reading now.

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