hoping that health is around the corner

So here I am, three weeks into this “cold”, and I’m still not feeling 100%. But I think I’m getting there.

Last week was awful. The pink eye started to clear up right after I started the antibiotics, even after it spread to the other eye, but my cough and sore throat were so bad that I basically didn’t work at all on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. On Wednesday night I started feeling as if my heart rate was racing, and during the night I woke up multiple times with what I think were anxiety attacks. The feeling of anxiety continued on Thursday morning, so with my mother’s urging I went to a clinic (I couldn’t get in to see my doctor).

The doc at the clinic checked me out, gave me a requisition for an ECG and some blood work, and put me on some antibiotics for the cough. She didn’t seem too concerned about my heart rate, but recommended the ECG if things didn’t calm down.

For the next three days, the anxiety attacks and racing heart continued, and last night I was getting pretty worried. I was scared to go to sleep, because every hour I’d wake up totally freaked out. Even though I’d talked to both my dad and sister who reassured me it probably wasn’t anything serious, I still was scared. Which obviously wasn’t helping me calm down!

So last night I phoned the doctor on-call for my doctor’s maternity group. I got a call back about half an hour later, and she was super nice. She was actually covering for my doctor, and it was someone outside the group. She was able to reassure me that it was probably nothing serious, but she said if things got any worse to come by the hospital the next day. She also suggested a couple of techniques for calming myself down.

Oddly enough, last night I actually had a reasonable sleep, all things considered. No anxiety attacks, and just a bit of coughing. And today’s been much better from the anxiety perspective. I feel a bit short of breath and a bit on edge, but nothing compared to yesterday.

From a cold perspective I’m also feeling better, so perhaps I do have some sort of an infection and the antibiotics are kicking in. But I’ve still got a brutal cough, and I’m getting tired of almost puking every time I have a coughing fit.

I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow for a regular pregnancy check-up, but I’m not feeling too confident that she’ll have an explanation for the anxiety attacks. I AM hoping she can give me something for the coughing. I know that I can take Tylenol with codeine, but I wanted to talk with her first.

I’m also hoping she won’t give me any flak for going to the clinic…she mentioned at one point that while I’m pregnant I should see her, not go to a clinic, but when I can’t get in to see her, what choice do I have?

To top this off, I’m out of sick days at work, so I’m not getting paid for the days I missed. Kind of sucks when I’m about to go on mat leave — the more money we can save up, the better.

On the positive side, through all this, Beet’s been moving around like a gymnast, so it’s been reassuring that things are probably all right with him/her.

Here’s hoping I can get a good sleep tonight, and maybe some answers tomorrow.

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