the lowest rung

It’s been no surprise to us that Yoshi has moved down a rung since Elliot’s arrival. We still love him to bits, but he is, after all, a dog.

There’s been evidence of the shift since day one. Fewer walks, fewer hugs, less cuddling and, since Elliot’s now so mobile and Yoshi likes to be right in his face, more solitary confinement. He hasn’t been neglected, life just isn’t as it was.

Ok…he hasn’t been neglected until tonight. I got home at around 5:15 after grocery shopping, and let Yoshi out in the front yard while I brought in the groceries. He’s very good out there — doesn’t run away, and doesn’t pay much attention to passers-by.

An hour later as we were eating dinner, Greg suddenly asked, “where’s Yoshi?”. He wasn’t on his bed where he usually is around dinner time. Out of curiosity I checked upstairs to see if he was lying in any of the bedrooms. No dog. And he wasn’t in the backyard. Then Greg opened the front door. There he was, wagging his tail expectantly. I suspect he’d been waiting there wagging for the past hour. Poor guy.

Thankfully he’s not a wanderer, because it was dark and he didn’t have any collar on for identification. Could have been disastrous.