that’s a little too much “sharing” for my liking

Last year for Christmas, I donated a bit of money to the Canadian Wildlife Federation in my nephew’s name (at his request). Since then, I’ve received the odd piece of mail from the CWF addressed to my nephew.

In today’s mail, there was a credit card application addressed to my nephew. The only way this could happen is if the CWF sold their contact information to the credit card company, as the CWF has the only link between my nephew’s name and our address. I was shocked. I know this kind of thing goes on, but I was naive enough to believe that a non-profit organization such as the CWF would never do such a thing. But they did.

I did a search for “privacy” on their website, and found this:

As a supporter of CWF you may choose how often and in what way you wish to hear from us. You choose which material you would like to receive—just let us know. Also, from time to time, CWF may share lists of supporters with other like-minded organizations. If you do not wish to have your contact information exchanged please notify our membership services department.

So yes…they share information. With like-minded organizations. I sincerely doubt a credit card company is a like-minded organization.

They will not be receiving another cent from me.

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