I had all sorts of titles in my mind for this blog post:

“being pregnant + being sick = ICKY”

“it’s been quite a week”

“some cold meds would be nice”

“i just want to sleep”

“heartburn hell”

You get the picture. Sunday afternoon after hosting a friend’s baby shower, I lay down for a nap. When I woke up, I felt like absolute shit. Full on cold. I had felt a bit under the weather on Saturday, but nothing compared to how I felt when I woke up Sunday afternoon. My head felt like it was going to explode, I had the shivers, runny nose…but oddly enough, no sore throat. That’s rare for me, and I was thankful.

I spent the next day and a half a pathetic pregnant sick woman. Sunday night trying to sleep was absolutely brutal. Because, to add insult to injury, I also was experiencing the worst heartburn I’ve ever had. Every time I tried to lie down, my throat would start burning up. I took some Tums, but I quickly reached (and exceeded) the maximum dosage recommended for a pregnant woman, and it would only help for an hour or so. Oh, and I’ve been having leg pains on and off when I’ve been sleeping since I got pregnant. Not cramps, just shooting pain up the sides of my legs. So they revisited me Sunday night as well. And I was freezing, but I was too sick to get up and get more blankets. I eventually heard Greg get up at about 2 am (he smartly was sleeping in the spare bedroom), and he got me a fleece blanket.

Monday morning I knew I wasn’t going to work, but I had a conference call that I thought I could manage from home. I did, but was wiped afterwards. To complicate our lives, Elliot has pink eye and had to stay at home Monday. I was in no shape to take care of him, so Greg had to stay home from work. One big happy family. 🙂 Thankfully the pink eye hasn’t seemed to affect Elliot too much, and he was back in daycare Tuesday.

Tuesday morning Greg and I had an hour long appointment that I managed to sit through, kleenexes in hand. I stopped at the office for a few minutes afterwards and came home to work. I managed to get a bit done, then had a nap. When I woke up, I was feeling better from a congestion point of view, but a sore throat and cough had kicked in. It’s HARD to cough when you’re pregnant.

So here we are on Thursday afternoon, and I’m still coughing up a storm. I am feeling better — I managed a full day at work yesterday and took care of Elliot today, but I’m definitely not great. I’m hoping I can shake this cough in the next day or so. The heartburn is still in issue, but I got some Gaviscon last night and that seems to be working better than the Tums. I actually slept five hours straight last night, which was great.

I’m very appreciative of my husband, who not only puts up with all my complaining, but has totally picked up the slack from a cooking/cleaning/Elliot-care point of view.

I’m looking forward to feeling healthy again.

the lowest rung

It’s been no surprise to us that Yoshi has moved down a rung since Elliot’s arrival. We still love him to bits, but he is, after all, a dog.

There’s been evidence of the shift since day one. Fewer walks, fewer hugs, less cuddling and, since Elliot’s now so mobile and Yoshi likes to be right in his face, more solitary confinement. He hasn’t been neglected, life just isn’t as it was.

Ok…he hasn’t been neglected until tonight. I got home at around 5:15 after grocery shopping, and let Yoshi out in the front yard while I brought in the groceries. He’s very good out there — doesn’t run away, and doesn’t pay much attention to passers-by.

An hour later as we were eating dinner, Greg suddenly asked, “where’s Yoshi?”. He wasn’t on his bed where he usually is around dinner time. Out of curiosity I checked upstairs to see if he was lying in any of the bedrooms. No dog. And he wasn’t in the backyard. Then Greg opened the front door. There he was, wagging his tail expectantly. I suspect he’d been waiting there wagging for the past hour. Poor guy.

Thankfully he’s not a wanderer, because it was dark and he didn’t have any collar on for identification. Could have been disastrous.

perhaps not the best location

I took the boys for a walk yesterday afternoon to our local off-leash dog park. I let Yoshi off leash at the entrance, and Elliot was in the stroller. As we walked into the park, a woman in a blue uniform asked me if Yoshi was my dog. She was holding a German Shepherd on leash, and there was a guy standing down the path from them a bit. I replied yes, and she said they were doing some police dog training. I went to put Yoshi on leash, but she said to just keep going, which I translated to “get out of the way”.

Ten meters down the trail Yoshi did his regular poop in three different places, which meant I had to stop and pick it up, knowing they were still waiting for me to get out of the way. A couple of minutes later they left the park.

I was glad to see them go. To me, an off-leash dog park is a very inappropriate place to do police dog training. Especially when I’ve got my toddler with me. Even if the dog is well-trained, I don’t want my son seeing the dog attack a person. Elliot would have no way of knowing they are just “training”.

she knows me well

One of my Christmas gifts from kaptaink this year was tea. But this is no ordinary tea. Part of my enjoyment of consuming tea is the ritual of making it, and this tea delivers.

First, the packaging. Each bag is individually packaged in a pyramid-shaped box, and the boxes are arranged with the points facing the center. Very esthetically pleasing.


Second, the actual bag. It’s made of silk with a leaf poking out of the top, and it’s the most delicate tea bag I’ve ever seen.

the bag

Third, the steeping. You put the bag in the water, and it sits at the bottom of your cup with the leaf poking out the top.


And, finally, it’s delicious tea. I’ve tried both the Darjeeling and the Black Currant, and both were amazing. I’m sure the English Breakfast and Earl Grey will be just as good.


The only problem with this tea is that I’m going to run out of it before the end of January, at the rate I’m going!

that’s a little too much “sharing” for my liking

Last year for Christmas, I donated a bit of money to the Canadian Wildlife Federation in my nephew’s name (at his request). Since then, I’ve received the odd piece of mail from the CWF addressed to my nephew.

In today’s mail, there was a credit card application addressed to my nephew. The only way this could happen is if the CWF sold their contact information to the credit card company, as the CWF has the only link between my nephew’s name and our address. I was shocked. I know this kind of thing goes on, but I was naive enough to believe that a non-profit organization such as the CWF would never do such a thing. But they did.

I did a search for “privacy” on their website, and found this:

As a supporter of CWF you may choose how often and in what way you wish to hear from us. You choose which material you would like to receive—just let us know. Also, from time to time, CWF may share lists of supporters with other like-minded organizations. If you do not wish to have your contact information exchanged please notify our membership services department.

So yes…they share information. With like-minded organizations. I sincerely doubt a credit card company is a like-minded organization.

They will not be receiving another cent from me.