twas the evening before Christmas

And I’m at work. I think that’s a first — it’s almost 5 pm on Christmas Eve and I’m still at the office. Not getting a lot of work done, I must admit, but the way our Christmas Eve plans have worked out it doesn’t make sense for me to go home before we go out. So I’m here for the next hour or so, and then Greg and Elliot will come get me, then it’s on to the de Goede household for a bit of Christmas Eve cheer.

And not only am I still at the office, I’m here on my own. From a human standpoint, at least. I do have Yoshi to keep my company. He’s anxiously awaiting our departure.

Anyway, this all sounds rather depressing, but it’s actually been nice to have a quiet day before the Christmas mayhem starts. We’ve got a week of family visiting ahead of us, and there won’t be a lot of quiet moments until after the New Year. Maybe I’ll even go make myself a cup of tea.

Merry Christmas!