why do i blog?

I’ve recently read a few excellent blog posts, all by woman, a few of them friends. This, coupled with some struggles I’ve had with some of my recent posts, have made me question why I blog.

I thought it was simply to keep a journal of sorts, both of my family life and of my own personal life. And chronicling my life electronically is easier then actually writing with a pen and paper. Why, then, do I make most of my posts (somewhat) public? Well, I get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing there are people reading what I write and commenting on it. It’s an ego thing.

Which leads me to the struggles I’ve had recently. I’ve created posts that I don’t think are very interesting, and therefore won’t captivate my readers. But they are still important to me, because they record parts of my life that I want to remember. Which is really the main reason I blog.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about that is somewhat related to this is I am much more of an event-driven blogger than a thought-driven blogger. I’m much more apt to post about an event in my life than some deep thought I’ve been having. This is in keeping with my personality. I’m not what one would consider philosophical. And I think this has always bothered me…hence the confidence issues on my content.

So I need to either get over these confidence issues I’ve been having, or stop posting publicly. The last thing I want to do is to censor my content because I think someone will think it’s boring.

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