freezer failure

A full freezer is a great thing — especially one that includes lots of berries for smoothies, homemade pear sauce, lots of meat, and frozen leftovers waiting to be reheated for easy dinners.

We had that full freezer. Until a few days ago. I went downstairs where our deep freeze lives and looked down to see the freezer door…open. I had put a couple of things in the night before, and must not have closed the door properly. About 75% of the contents were thawed. I was so mad at myself.

I did a little online research and decided to refreeze all the berries and the pear sauce, but I threw away most of the meat. I didn’t have the heart to calculate how much money was going down the drain.

The hardest thing, though, was throwing away some really yummy roasted tomato pasta sauce that I had just made with a bunch of tomatoes from a co-worker’s garden. We had frozen two containers worth, one that we were planning to give to friends who just had twins. But it had bacon in it, and I just didn’t want to take the risk of refreezing it, especially giving it to other people. It was still cold, and Greg and I could have eaten it within a couple of days, but I’ve had it twice this past week and I was ready for a bit of a break.

Sigh. And this is the THIRD TIME this has happened. Maybe we should get a chest-style freezer so that gravity forces the door closed!

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