When I was pregnant with Elliot I spent a lot of time thinking about the being growing in my belly, and wondering what our little girl or boy would be like, both in looks and in character.

This time around, if I hadn’t been feeling so lousy and getting a bit chubbier, I think I’d almost forget I’m pregnant. With Elliot now such a huge and wonderful part of our lives, the focus is so much on him. Sure, I do wonder about Beet, but it’s much more in the context of Elliot. (Like, how the heck are we going to manage two kids, and how will Elliot react to his new brother or sister?)

I can’t say I’m surprised by this — Elliot is a little boy with a personality and a physical presence outside my body. He can laugh, he can cry, he can hug (boy, can he hug). Beet is still very much an abstract being to me. But I am glad I’m taking a pre-natal yoga class, which is where I had this realization. The class is very much about my body, and as such I am much more aware of my pregnancy, if only for 90 minutes.

And I’m sure as I get bigger and I start to feel Beet moving around, I’ll be that much more aware! 🙂

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