I should be at yoga right now. It’s my last class for the session, but I just didn’t feel like going tonight. I haven’t been enjoying it as much as I thought I would, so it’s hard to get my butt out the door. Plus it starts at 7:30 and goes until 9:00. Too long, and too late.

So I went for a short walk instead, which was pretty good. I’m trying to decide whether to sign up for another yoga session or not. If I’m not enjoying it, then why do it. But I’d like to do something active at least once I week, so I’m thinking I might switch to swimming.

why do i blog?

I’ve recently read a few excellent blog posts, all by woman, a few of them friends. This, coupled with some struggles I’ve had with some of my recent posts, have made me question why I blog.

I thought it was simply to keep a journal of sorts, both of my family life and of my own personal life. And chronicling my life electronically is easier then actually writing with a pen and paper. Why, then, do I make most of my posts (somewhat) public? Well, I get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing there are people reading what I write and commenting on it. It’s an ego thing.

Which leads me to the struggles I’ve had recently. I’ve created posts that I don’t think are very interesting, and therefore won’t captivate my readers. But they are still important to me, because they record parts of my life that I want to remember. Which is really the main reason I blog.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about that is somewhat related to this is I am much more of an event-driven blogger than a thought-driven blogger. I’m much more apt to post about an event in my life than some deep thought I’ve been having. This is in keeping with my personality. I’m not what one would consider philosophical. And I think this has always bothered me…hence the confidence issues on my content.

So I need to either get over these confidence issues I’ve been having, or stop posting publicly. The last thing I want to do is to censor my content because I think someone will think it’s boring.


Here’s what Greg and I did this weekend…

Friday night we went out for a very nice dinner with KaptainK and JJ. This was the first visit to the restaurant for Greg and I, and I wasn’t disappointed. My only regret was I should have had more of the yummy frites and skipped dessert. I’m definitely a savory sort of person.

Saturday morning we slept in, then headed out for some classic eggs benny for breakfast. It was yummy, but driving home I was feeling pretty full of rich food — a breakfast of fruit salad may have been smarter.

When we got home I got busy on shampooing the carpets upstairs…always an exercise in restraint as I stop myself from seeing just how many times I can go over the same spot until the steam cleaner stops sucking up brown, opaque water.

While I was doing the carpets, Greg got to work on cutting back the Escallonia outside our front door. In the past six years it has grown out of control, and this year we decided to hack it right back. Makes for quite a different view out the front door.

Escallonia GoneEscallonia Hacked

When I was done the carpets, I joined Greg outside and helped him take all the garden waste to the municipal yard. I also got some of the leaves raked, my pots cleaned up and put away for the winter, and cut back some of the dead plants in the garden.

After that, it was on to Thetis for a dog walk with a much appreciative Yoshi (with a stop at Starbucks beforehand), a stop at PetSmart for some more fish, and a quick lunch.

Once home with a tired pooch and a tired pregnant woman, I was off for a two-hour nap while Greg did some computing. When I woke up we had a gourmet dinner of hot dogs and parked ourselves in front of the TV for three hours. We’re totally hooked on the new version of Battlestar Gallactica.

Sunday morning we had another sleep-in, and after a breakfast of French toast, it was back to work. I tackled the basement while Greg did the garage. It was basically just a reorganization of the clutter, but at least the clutter’s out of the way now. It actually feels like I have a laundry room again. And thank goodness we have a garage. Where else would we store five bikes (keep in mind there are only TWO adults living in this house), three strollers and a wagon (keep in mind there is only ONE toddler living in this house) and a whole crapload of gardening, camping and sporting paraphernalia.

Basement Clutter ClearedBasement Clutter Moved

Clear Path to LaundryClear Path to Laundry

Garage - this IS an improvementGarage – This IS an Improvement

After the basement/garage clean up, we headed out to Elk Lake for another dog walk (again with a pre-walk stop at Starbucks). Yoshi was in his element, leaping through the long grass in the fields.

We then did our weekly grocery shop (oh yeah, we also got a menu plan done in the morning) and came home. After lunch I headed off for another nap while Greg again did some computing.

Post nap I cleaned up the sunroom, made dinner (and finally had my first success in making beef gravy), brownies and granola.

Now it’s kitchen clean up time, followed by some more Battlestar Gallactica.

But the best part of all was I spent the whole weekend with my husband.

So…how does one get this done with a toddler? Well, Elliot spent the weekend with Gramma. He’s been gone since Friday morning and he’s not back until tomorrow afternoon. We are definitely missing him (a LOT), but at the same time it’s been nice to get some stuff done. And he’s having a good time with Gramma.

It’ll be a sweet reunion tomorrow afternoon.

no longer blonde

After many years of being a chemically-assisted blonde, as of last night, I am blonde no more. I usually go a bit darker in the winter, but not this dark. It’s a bit of a shocker every time I look in the mirror.

So far the reaction has been positive…but you never know if people are just being nice. (Although a note to my husband: thanks for reacting favourably! I’m pretty sure you weren’t just being nice.)

A picture may follow…we’ll see how brave I am.

massage karma

I’ve been having some good massage karma so far in my pre-natal yoga class. The first night we paired up to give each other a back massage, and there were an uneven number of women in the class. I was awkwardly left standing on my own (with flashbacks from elementary school). The instructor and I paired up, which meant I got a fantastic massage that was double the length of anyone else’s because they switched halfway through.

On night two, we paired up again and this time I got a partner. I gave her a massage first, and then we switched. She started working on my back and right away I thought that this girl knew what she was doing. Turns out she is an RMT – lucky me! I’ll try to sit next to her next class as well. 🙂

freezer failure

A full freezer is a great thing — especially one that includes lots of berries for smoothies, homemade pear sauce, lots of meat, and frozen leftovers waiting to be reheated for easy dinners.

We had that full freezer. Until a few days ago. I went downstairs where our deep freeze lives and looked down to see the freezer door…open. I had put a couple of things in the night before, and must not have closed the door properly. About 75% of the contents were thawed. I was so mad at myself.

I did a little online research and decided to refreeze all the berries and the pear sauce, but I threw away most of the meat. I didn’t have the heart to calculate how much money was going down the drain.

The hardest thing, though, was throwing away some really yummy roasted tomato pasta sauce that I had just made with a bunch of tomatoes from a co-worker’s garden. We had frozen two containers worth, one that we were planning to give to friends who just had twins. But it had bacon in it, and I just didn’t want to take the risk of refreezing it, especially giving it to other people. It was still cold, and Greg and I could have eaten it within a couple of days, but I’ve had it twice this past week and I was ready for a bit of a break.

Sigh. And this is the THIRD TIME this has happened. Maybe we should get a chest-style freezer so that gravity forces the door closed!


When I was pregnant with Elliot I spent a lot of time thinking about the being growing in my belly, and wondering what our little girl or boy would be like, both in looks and in character.

This time around, if I hadn’t been feeling so lousy and getting a bit chubbier, I think I’d almost forget I’m pregnant. With Elliot now such a huge and wonderful part of our lives, the focus is so much on him. Sure, I do wonder about Beet, but it’s much more in the context of Elliot. (Like, how the heck are we going to manage two kids, and how will Elliot react to his new brother or sister?)

I can’t say I’m surprised by this — Elliot is a little boy with a personality and a physical presence outside my body. He can laugh, he can cry, he can hug (boy, can he hug). Beet is still very much an abstract being to me. But I am glad I’m taking a pre-natal yoga class, which is where I had this realization. The class is very much about my body, and as such I am much more aware of my pregnancy, if only for 90 minutes.

And I’m sure as I get bigger and I start to feel Beet moving around, I’ll be that much more aware! 🙂