book recommendation

I was at Costco the other day looking for a book to take on our vacation, and I came across one with a front page that looked vaguely familiar. Upon inspection I discovered it was Mark Haddon’s latest, a spot of bother. The front page looked familiar because it was similar to another book of his I’ve read, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

I really enjoyed The Curious Incident so I picked up this one, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s about a 57-year-old man who is quietly going mad amid his wife’s affair, his son’s homosexuality, and his daughter’s upcoming wedding to a man no one in the family likes.

The format is really short chapters (two to three pages), basically cycling through the family members and describing the sequence of events from their point of view. It was the best book I’ve read in ages, and I highly recommend it. Definitely a good vacation read!

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