rain, at times heavy

That was the forecast, and it was pretty accurate. Greg, Elliot, Yoshi and I headed up to the de Goede cabin this past weekend for a quick 24 hour stay. We knew the forecast was crappy, so we came prepared with rubber boots, Elliot’s newt suit and toys. I brought sunscreen as well, but that was just wishful thinking.

Elliot had a great time playing with ‘big’ E, and she was very patient with him as he reacted like a typical toddler when she had something he wanted. (Mouth open, teeth bared…okay, maybe not your typical toddler. Maybe a rabid one?).

Yoshi had fun in the water with Diggs, and Greg and I got to do some relaxing, reading and visiting. I think Greg made it through almost half his book, and I was at least able to start one.

But now I’m officially tired of the rain, and ready for some sun.