serves 8

Tonight I made a pasta dish that stated it made 8 servings. Now, I know recipes are typically off when it comes to my serving size (i.e. I eat a lot), and I know Elliot can pack it back when he feels like it, but I was still shocked when the two of us (no Greg tonight) almost polished it off. In fact, I think we could have, had I not switched to cantaloupe for both of us.

rain, at times heavy

That was the forecast, and it was pretty accurate. Greg, Elliot, Yoshi and I headed up to the de Goede cabin this past weekend for a quick 24 hour stay. We knew the forecast was crappy, so we came prepared with rubber boots, Elliot’s newt suit and toys. I brought sunscreen as well, but that was just wishful thinking.

Elliot had a great time playing with ‘big’ E, and she was very patient with him as he reacted like a typical toddler when she had something he wanted. (Mouth open, teeth bared…okay, maybe not your typical toddler. Maybe a rabid one?).

Yoshi had fun in the water with Diggs, and Greg and I got to do some relaxing, reading and visiting. I think Greg made it through almost half his book, and I was at least able to start one.

But now I’m officially tired of the rain, and ready for some sun.

more on the book front

I have pretty much no recall capabilities when it comes to reading, TV and movies. More than once I’ve picked up a book at my mum’s place, and five chapters in realize I read the book six months ago. And while I remember major plot lines and endings for movies, I forget all of the details.

On the other extreme, you have kaptaink, who used to give me a detailed plot description of Law and Order episodes during our 30 minute commute to work. But I digress…

The lack of recall is annoying when I’m reading an interesting magazine article that I want to remember details of to relate to others, but it’s coming in handy right now. I’ve decided I want to read a bit more, but because I don’t have a lot of time, I want to read books that I know I’ll like. So I’m going through my small library and re-reading books I haven’t read in 10 to 15 years. I started with Jane Smiley’s Duplicate Keys, and next up is Wally Lamb’s She’s Come Undone. The latter was one of my all time favourite books way back when, so we’ll see if it still appeals to me.

the trouble with reading

When I am into a good book, all I want to do is read. I stay up later than I should, I read when I could be spending time with Greg, and when I’m not reading I think about when I’ll be able to get back to my book. Then after all that I feel disappointed when I finish the book.

I find it a bit too consuming. But since I’m not willing to give up reading good books, I guess I’ll just have to live with it.

that’s a good question

I ask questions at work. It’s a big part of my job.

If I’m not feeling confident about my understanding of the the subject matter, I do not like this part of my job. Which is a bit of a predicament, as I’m usually asking questions because I need to know more. I have to force myself not to preface every question with “this may be a stupid question, but…”

So when I’m feeling a bit intimidated and someone responds to one of my questions with “that’s a good question”, it’s a boost to my confidence. I got that boost today, and it was nice to hear.

it stinks

It stinks in the house right now. Our deck was stained this morning, and the wind is blowing in the smell of the stain. A good portion of our ivy was cut down today, and it smells surprisingly bad, I suppose because it was very damp underneath the masses of green. And Elliot is having a nap and he pooped some time ago, while asleep. His door is partly open and every time I go upstairs I smell poop. Lovely. Oh, and there’s a pile of dirty dog laundry in the basement from camping. It stinks too.