first night away

Tonight’s the first night Greg and I will spend without Elliot. Gramma graciously offered to take him to her place for today and tomorrow to make it easier for us to get ready for camping. She’s got a lot planned for him – this morning a play in the park, a visit to her office, dinner with the ladies tonight, tomorrow a visit to Jumping Jiminy’s, then hopefully a big long nap before we pick him up.

We said goodbye this morning when we left for work, and it felt pretty normal. It’ll be this evening when we go home that I think I’ll feel a bit strange, and probably tomorrow morning as well. But we’ll be busy packing (after hopefully a sleep-in, pets willing), so I probably won’t be dwelling on it too much.

And I know he’ll have lots of fun with Gramma.

it’s my birthday and i’ll party if i want to…

And I don’t want to. I think this is my first birthday ever where I truly did not need to do anything to celebrate. That’s not to say it went unnoticed — I got cards, a new purse, the promise of new hiking shoes, treated to lunch and a trip to Plum, dinner made for me, birthday cake, a decorated chair, calls from family and friends, and happy birthday was sung to me three times. But none of this was pre-planned by me — it just all happened. Spontaneously, from my point of view.

Usually I feel this big buildup to my birthday, I plan some sort of celebration, and a lot of times I’ve felt let down at the end of the day because the day hasn’t lived up to my expectations. This year there were no expectations. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I was talking to kaptaink about it today, and we were thinking that perhaps it’s a reflection of how satisfied I’m feeling with life in general. Things are going tickety-boo (for the most part), and I don’t feel like I need a pick-me-up for my birthday. Not that those who want to celebrate are dissatisfied…I just didn’t feel the need this year.

Or maybe it’s because I’m 36 years old and I’ve decided the next party won’t be until I’m 40. Regardless of the reason, I’ve had a nice day, and will go to bed feeling happy.

taking the plunge

I find it a bit disconcerting that the bathroom at my workplace has a plunger in it. This is an office building with “official” bathrooms, not just a bathroom that was thrown together for a single office — you need a key to get in, they have multiple stalls, it’s all very institutional. It bothers me because bathrooms like that…well, they should just work. And in the event of a toilet emergency, do they really think I’m going to pick up the plunger and deal with the problem?

Not me. During my second week of work when the flush filled the toilet instead of emptied it, I hightailed it out of there as quick as I could. Went straight to our office admin and told her the toilet was overflowing. She called building maintenance. End of problem.