envelope dent

This morning I used a gift certificate I got for Christmas and treated myself to a pedicure. It was lovely…there is nothing quite like a foot massage, and I’ve got pretty toes to boot.

Afterwards I went to the bank to deposit my pay cheque, and as I was grabbing for an envelope, a couple of them fell. Onto my big toe. Corner first. So now I have a dent on my freshly pedicured toes. Not a big dent, but still. An envelope? Just my luck.

I blame my employer for not having direct deposit.

so…did you guys dress up 80’s style on purpose?

Last night was the big stagette, and it was a blast. We started out at the art academy doing some Jackson Pollock style painting, moved on to JP’s house, and then downtown for some dancing. A good time was had by all, and the ratio of pictures that will be shared to pictures actually taken will be very low, believe me.

Here’s KaptainK and I, showing off our bangles.

The 80s Were Good