next time i’m going for the kids’ stuff

I bought Kids’ Crest Cavity Protection Sparkle Fun toothpaste for Elliot when we started brushing his teeth. I was happy about it because I thought I’d finally found a toothpaste that was NOT some funky kid flavour that I’d have to wean him off of. The reason I thought that is because it basically looks like a tube of adult toothpaste.

Bad decision.

Remember how I said it looks like a tube of adult toothpaste? Well tonight was about the fiftieth time I’ve grabbed it instead of my own toothpaste. And remember how I said I thought it wasn’t some funky kid flavour? Well it’s bubblegum and it’s DISGUSTING.

To add insult to injury, the expiry date on the tube is November 2007, and there’s no way Elliot’s making it through the tube before November, what with the teensy weensy smear we’re putting on his toothbrush.

Next time I’m getting this stuff. There will be no mistaking whose toothpaste is whose.

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