day one done

Well the first day’s over, and it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t really miss Elliot until I actually saw him after work, and I wasn’t twiddling my thumbs all day. They were quite prepared for me, which is a novelty. In my past jobs I’ve shown up and had pretty much nothing to do for at least the first day, if not the first week.

I am feeling a bit unsettled right now, but I think that’s probably normal. My routine is getting a total upheaval, and once I’m a bit more used to the change, I think I’ll get in the groove.

Elliot had a good first full day at daycare. He slept for almost two hours in the afternoon, and he seemed in good spirits this evening before bed. I must say the evening just flew by, having not seen him all day. Usually I’m looking forward to putting him to bed, but tonight I just wanted to be with him!

So yes, I think I’m still feeling a bit sad at this point, especially if I start really thinking about how much less time I’ll see Elliot, but perhaps I will try not to dwell on that, enjoy the time we do have together, and enjoy my job as well.

Now it’s time for a little escape — 24 starts in five minutes.

Thanks for all the phone calls and kind words, they were much appreciated. (Jen — I deleted your comment by mistake, but I did read it!).

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