so what to do?

Today I dropped Elliot off for the afternoon at RC’s, in preparation for him spending three full days there next week when I go back to work. I had a massage, but that only took 45 minutes, and after that I realized I had a good hour on my hands. What to do? (My soon-to-be-PM will probably wish I did some work during that time, but she’ll have me at her fingertips soon enough…)

I was right by the mall, so I ventured in. I got some vacuum cleaner bags (how exciting), and then wandered around aimlessly for a bit. I didn’t feel like stopping in at Starbucks, and I didn’t feel like sitting and reading. So I decided to shop, with money I don’t have but will soon be earning. That’s what credit cards are for, right?

I bought myself a stupidly expensive pair of Skechers, and I love them. They go well with a couple pairs of pants I bought a couple of weeks ago with more money I don’t have. Good thing I’m going back to work.

Anyway, it was an odd feeling, having the afternoon with no plans. It was enjoyable, but it felt a bit weird not to have a purpose. Elliot’s going again tomorrow afternoon and Friday, and tomorrow I think I’ll go for a run with Yoshi. I may as well enjoy this leisure time while I have it!

And Elliot did awesome while I was gone. He had a good lunch, slept for almost two hours and barely noticed me when I came back three and a half hours later. I think next week will be much harder on me than him!