A year ago right now I was lying in a hospital bed in the worst pain I could imagine.

So far today I’ve had breakfast with my son, played with him, gone for a walk with him and Yoshi, and opened his birthday presents with his Dad. And now I’m about to go make a birthday cake.

Although the outcome of that day a year ago was the most amazing event of my life, overall I’m liking today a lot better.

I think every parent feels that time goes by fast when it comes to their children, and I’m no exception. I look at pictures of Elliot when he was born and I can’t believe it was such a short time ago. We’ve had such a great year, Greg, Elliot and I, and given how fast time is going by, I’m glad we’re only just starting year two.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Elliot — he’s one loved little boy.