a great day

My face feels like it’s been pelted a million times over with tiny needles, my back hurts, my legs feel like lead, I’m tired, and my ankles have bruises from my new boots, but it was a great day!

It snowed HARD all day and it was very windy at the top of the chairs, but the snow was nice. West coast powder, and hardly any ice. The visibility was pretty brutal at times — a bit like skiing blind. But it was a great day, honest! 🙂

It was good to get up on a hill after a three-year hiatus. I went up with S and A, and S was a trooper in the weather. When I was her age, I wouldn’t have been out skiing, that’s for sure.

And Elliot had lots of fun with Gramma. That was the longest I’d left him with anyone other than Greg, and when I got back to his Gramma’s house, he smiled at me, came over for a hug, and then promptly went back to playing.