one of those days…

It started out okay. I got to have a shower AND blow dry my hair this morning. That’s a treat. I got my hair cut on the weekend and it was my first chance to see how good I could make it look. 🙂

After blow drying my hair, I went to pick up Elliot from the bathroom floor so I could brush his teeth. I forgot I’d left a drawer open behind me, and as I stood up, I scraped my lower back on the corner of the drawer. Holy crap, did it hurt. I put Elliot down, still holding him, and had a little cry. He was very calming — didn’t cry, just looked at me lovingly.

A few minutes later I was able to stand up and survey the damage. Big welt, a bit of blood, a lot of pain, but I was going to live.

About an hour later, Elliot had a bit of a meltdown from fatigue, and I ended up having to give him a nap. This was a bummer because it screwed up my plan for the day. And I do way better with a plan. Damn child.

He napped for a couple of hours, which was good, but I am now worried my evening’s going to be a bit hellish. He and I are driving up to Nanaimo tonight with friends and he’ll either fall fast asleep (which will be fine) or it’ll be a LOUD car ride. We’ll hope for the former.

So I ended up being at home when my cleaning lady arrived, which I hate, but I did a bit of work and finally woke Elliot up at noon right before the vacuuming started. We had lunch and started our plan for the day, just a bit later than anticipated.

So then I ended up wasting $13 (and an hour of my time) getting my car cleaned inside and out. Is was a waste because they didn’t do the back, which was the part I wanted cleaned. And I’m driving it up to Mt. Washington tomorrow, so what was I thinking getting the outside washed?? I should have just paid a toonie at a gas station and vacuumed out the back myself. Oh well, they did vacuum E’s carseat, which was nice. And the front of the car looks good, as does the outside, until tomorrow anyway.

I got home, we had a snack, and then it was off for a walk with Yoshi. There’s a flat tire on the jogging stroller, so I knew I’d have to take the backpack. Remember that wound I suffered in the morning? Right where the waistband of the pack goes. Lovely. I winced as I put the pack on, but after a while the weight just numbed it.

During our walk it poured, which is no surprise given the weather we’ve been having today. At least it didn’t hail. Remember how I blew dry my hair this morning? Pointless. No one even saw it, except E. Although if he could talk I’m sure he would have told me it looked great.

Okay, so it really wasn’t that bad, except for the scrape on my back. Tomorrow I’m spending the day at Mt. Washington while Gramma takes care of E. A very nice treat for me! And right now E’s happily playing while I write this post, so maybe we’ll be fine on the car ride.

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