rating his neuroses

Yoshi is a sensitive dog, to put it mildly. Mostly it’s a sound sensitivity, but there are other things that obviously make him anxious.

One of the sounds that scares him is the garage door opening. He flees in terror as soon as he sees us even approaching the door. And if the door is open, heaven forbid he get anywhere near the garage — after all, the door might close at any time.

This morning I was outside in the pouring rain with him, getting the stroller ready for a walk. I opened the garage door and he predictably ran up the front steps and stood by the front door. I promptly forgot about him until he suddenly reappeared…and walked into the garage. I was shocked. Then I realized he had overcome his fear of the garage door so he wouldn’t have to stand in the pouring rain.

When I related this story to Greg, we commented that there is obviously a neuroses scale in Yoshi’s life. It includes, but is not limited to, the following (from most anxiety-provoking to least anxiety-provoking):

  1. Fireworks and firecrackers
  2. The beeping of our cell phone as the battery dies
  3. Standing in a downpour (running around in a downpour is okay, though)
  4. Garage doors
  5. Dogs weighing less than 20 lbs
  6. Squeakers in dog toys, especially if another dog is squeaking them
  7. Elliot’s Tigger airplane, which admittedly does make a lot of noise
  8. Being alone in the house for longer than four hours
  9. Open umbrellas
  10. Air brakes
  11. Aphro

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