so what to do?

Today I dropped Elliot off for the afternoon at RC’s, in preparation for him spending three full days there next week when I go back to work. I had a massage, but that only took 45 minutes, and after that I realized I had a good hour on my hands. What to do? (My soon-to-be-PM will probably wish I did some work during that time, but she’ll have me at her fingertips soon enough…)

I was right by the mall, so I ventured in. I got some vacuum cleaner bags (how exciting), and then wandered around aimlessly for a bit. I didn’t feel like stopping in at Starbucks, and I didn’t feel like sitting and reading. So I decided to shop, with money I don’t have but will soon be earning. That’s what credit cards are for, right?

I bought myself a stupidly expensive pair of Skechers, and I love them. They go well with a couple pairs of pants I bought a couple of weeks ago with more money I don’t have. Good thing I’m going back to work.

Anyway, it was an odd feeling, having the afternoon with no plans. It was enjoyable, but it felt a bit weird not to have a purpose. Elliot’s going again tomorrow afternoon and Friday, and tomorrow I think I’ll go for a run with Yoshi. I may as well enjoy this leisure time while I have it!

And Elliot did awesome while I was gone. He had a good lunch, slept for almost two hours and barely noticed me when I came back three and a half hours later. I think next week will be much harder on me than him!


A year ago right now I was lying in a hospital bed in the worst pain I could imagine.

So far today I’ve had breakfast with my son, played with him, gone for a walk with him and Yoshi, and opened his birthday presents with his Dad. And now I’m about to go make a birthday cake.

Although the outcome of that day a year ago was the most amazing event of my life, overall I’m liking today a lot better.

I think every parent feels that time goes by fast when it comes to their children, and I’m no exception. I look at pictures of Elliot when he was born and I can’t believe it was such a short time ago. We’ve had such a great year, Greg, Elliot and I, and given how fast time is going by, I’m glad we’re only just starting year two.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Elliot — he’s one loved little boy.

a great day

My face feels like it’s been pelted a million times over with tiny needles, my back hurts, my legs feel like lead, I’m tired, and my ankles have bruises from my new boots, but it was a great day!

It snowed HARD all day and it was very windy at the top of the chairs, but the snow was nice. West coast powder, and hardly any ice. The visibility was pretty brutal at times — a bit like skiing blind. But it was a great day, honest! 🙂

It was good to get up on a hill after a three-year hiatus. I went up with S and A, and S was a trooper in the weather. When I was her age, I wouldn’t have been out skiing, that’s for sure.

And Elliot had lots of fun with Gramma. That was the longest I’d left him with anyone other than Greg, and when I got back to his Gramma’s house, he smiled at me, came over for a hug, and then promptly went back to playing.

one of those days…

It started out okay. I got to have a shower AND blow dry my hair this morning. That’s a treat. I got my hair cut on the weekend and it was my first chance to see how good I could make it look. 🙂

After blow drying my hair, I went to pick up Elliot from the bathroom floor so I could brush his teeth. I forgot I’d left a drawer open behind me, and as I stood up, I scraped my lower back on the corner of the drawer. Holy crap, did it hurt. I put Elliot down, still holding him, and had a little cry. He was very calming — didn’t cry, just looked at me lovingly.

A few minutes later I was able to stand up and survey the damage. Big welt, a bit of blood, a lot of pain, but I was going to live.

About an hour later, Elliot had a bit of a meltdown from fatigue, and I ended up having to give him a nap. This was a bummer because it screwed up my plan for the day. And I do way better with a plan. Damn child.

He napped for a couple of hours, which was good, but I am now worried my evening’s going to be a bit hellish. He and I are driving up to Nanaimo tonight with friends and he’ll either fall fast asleep (which will be fine) or it’ll be a LOUD car ride. We’ll hope for the former.

So I ended up being at home when my cleaning lady arrived, which I hate, but I did a bit of work and finally woke Elliot up at noon right before the vacuuming started. We had lunch and started our plan for the day, just a bit later than anticipated.

So then I ended up wasting $13 (and an hour of my time) getting my car cleaned inside and out. Is was a waste because they didn’t do the back, which was the part I wanted cleaned. And I’m driving it up to Mt. Washington tomorrow, so what was I thinking getting the outside washed?? I should have just paid a toonie at a gas station and vacuumed out the back myself. Oh well, they did vacuum E’s carseat, which was nice. And the front of the car looks good, as does the outside, until tomorrow anyway.

I got home, we had a snack, and then it was off for a walk with Yoshi. There’s a flat tire on the jogging stroller, so I knew I’d have to take the backpack. Remember that wound I suffered in the morning? Right where the waistband of the pack goes. Lovely. I winced as I put the pack on, but after a while the weight just numbed it.

During our walk it poured, which is no surprise given the weather we’ve been having today. At least it didn’t hail. Remember how I blew dry my hair this morning? Pointless. No one even saw it, except E. Although if he could talk I’m sure he would have told me it looked great.

Okay, so it really wasn’t that bad, except for the scrape on my back. Tomorrow I’m spending the day at Mt. Washington while Gramma takes care of E. A very nice treat for me! And right now E’s happily playing while I write this post, so maybe we’ll be fine on the car ride.

house plant disposal

I have about ten house plants. Not many, but enough. Well, too many actually. They are dependents I do not need or want. With the exception of three of them, they offer me little joy. For almost two years I’ve wanted to get rid of them, and I don’t know how.

Obvious Option #1: Throw them out. But I can’t do that…I feel too guilty! Not from an environmental perspective, as I’d just compost them, but from a guilt perspective. I just can’t throw out a living plant.

Obvious Option #2: Let them die and then throw them out. Perhaps that would be easier? Easier to get rid of something dead and ugly than something green and oxygen-providing. So I have gone on a watering strike a couple of times. But they end up looking so pathetic that I water them again. And within hours they are perky and green again. Stupid hearty plants.

The other problem with #1 and #2 is that throwing them away is a lot of work. More work than continuing to water them. I’d have to empty all the dirt, clean up all the pots, clean up the mess I’d make while doing all that. And a couple of them are quite large, which means I’d probably have to cut them up. I can’t even throw them away…how could I cut them up??

Obvious Option #3: Give them away. One friend has shown an interest, but that was months ago. Nothing has come of it. My cleaning lady is coming tomorrow so I’ll ask her if she wants any of them. I should make it an all or nothing deal. You want that one? Well you’re taking these six as well then.

There is another option, which I’m currently testing to see if it works. I’ve put two in our sunroom, which is very cold at this time of year. I don’t see them on a regular basis, so I won’t be reminded to water them. Hopefully they’ll die peacefully, and next time I notice them they’ll be unrecognizable and I’ll quietly throw them in the compost, guilt-free. Of course, one of the ones I put out there is currently flowering for only the second time in the eight years I’ve had it. As if to say “keep me, keep me!”. Stupid plant.

The only three I want to keep are a fig tree and two African violets. The fig tree was one of my first house plants ever. It almost died once, but I nursed it back to health. It deserves to live. One of the African violets was from a good friend’s wedding. It desperately needs to be repotted, but it’s hanging in there. And the other African violet is just a really healthy plant that flowers often, doesn’t take up a lot of room, is in a very pretty pot, and requires very little attention.

So, uh, does anyone want some plants?

rating his neuroses

Yoshi is a sensitive dog, to put it mildly. Mostly it’s a sound sensitivity, but there are other things that obviously make him anxious.

One of the sounds that scares him is the garage door opening. He flees in terror as soon as he sees us even approaching the door. And if the door is open, heaven forbid he get anywhere near the garage — after all, the door might close at any time.

This morning I was outside in the pouring rain with him, getting the stroller ready for a walk. I opened the garage door and he predictably ran up the front steps and stood by the front door. I promptly forgot about him until he suddenly reappeared…and walked into the garage. I was shocked. Then I realized he had overcome his fear of the garage door so he wouldn’t have to stand in the pouring rain.

When I related this story to Greg, we commented that there is obviously a neuroses scale in Yoshi’s life. It includes, but is not limited to, the following (from most anxiety-provoking to least anxiety-provoking):

  1. Fireworks and firecrackers
  2. The beeping of our cell phone as the battery dies
  3. Standing in a downpour (running around in a downpour is okay, though)
  4. Garage doors
  5. Dogs weighing less than 20 lbs
  6. Squeakers in dog toys, especially if another dog is squeaking them
  7. Elliot’s Tigger airplane, which admittedly does make a lot of noise
  8. Being alone in the house for longer than four hours
  9. Open umbrellas
  10. Air brakes
  11. Aphro

concert trio

Last night I went to my third concert of 2007. That’s not bad, eh? Seeing as we’re hardly into February. I’m pretty sure I won’t be keeping up that pace for the rest of the year, but it’s been nice.

Last night was Barenaked Ladies, on their second night of their tour. The band is very entertaining, and their improv stuff is great to hear. At one point Ed Robertson was telling a story about a Triumph concert he went to, and he starting singing the first few lines of Triumph’s “Magic Power”. Did that ever bring back memories! And at the end (I guess he did this both nights, so it wasn’t ad-libbed), Steve Page belted out the last verse of “Memory” from CATS. What an amazing voice! But the highlight for me was Steve Page singing “Maybe You’re Right”, off of Barenaked Ladies are Me. It’s my favourite song from the album, and I think now my favourite BNL song of all time.

The only possibly negative comment I have comes from my husband’s influence. He once said to me that he likes bands who change up their songs when they perform them live. I initially disagreed with him, because I like to hear familiarity in a song, but after going to a few concerts with this in mind, I’ve changed my tune :). I’ve seen bands that change their live versions way too much for my liking (Dave Matthews) and I’ve seen bands that do it just enough to make it interesting (Great Big Sea). I noticed last night that BNL rarely alters their songs. For the most part, they sound exactly as they would on a recorded album (minus the cheering). But…not a big deal, as I do love their music as is!

All in all it was a fantastic concert, and I’ll definitely be seeing them again. As they said last night, hopefully it won’t be another 10 years before they return to Victoria.

As for the other two concerts…in early January I went to the The Tragically Hip with Greg. It was a good concert (much better than when I saw them at GM Place), but I’ve decided I won’t go see them again. I like their music, but not enough to pay to see them in concert. The plus to this concert was we had floor seats (not so for BNL) and it was easy to dance. The other plus was it was a night out with my husband.

And in mid-January I went to see The Rankin Family, who are on tour for the first time in eight years. This is also their first tour without John Morris Rankin, who died in a car accident in 2000. I’ve always liked the Rankin Family (yes, I’m willing to admit that), despite the fact that the sisters sometimes sound a bit like The Chipmunks. The concert was very enjoyable, especially the second half. They seemed to loosen up a bit and the last few numbers were outstanding. This concert was a Christmas gift from kaptaink, and it was great to have a night out with her.

Soooo…what next? Chantal Kreviazuk is playing the MaPherson February 8th, and I’d love to see her, but I don’t think my bank account agrees with me. So I’ll have to wait for something later in the season.