hairy furniture

Yoshi is a furniture dog. If given the chance, he’ll be on the furniture as soon as we leave the house. Bed, chair, couch, it doesn’t matter. He rarely does it in our presence, but he always does it when we’re not home. So we’ve taken steps to try to prevent it. We block the upstairs so he can’t get on the bed or futon, and we put the cushions up on the couch and the chair in the living room, so there’s not an inviting soft spot. For some reason he avoids the la-z-boy, maybe because it rocks.

Anyway, putting the cushions up was working for a while, but lately I’ve been coming home and one or two cushions have been pushed down. My suspicion was that he was pushing them down and lying on them, but I wasn’t convinced, because they weren’t getting dirty. And last night I noticed the seat of the chair (where the cushion lies) was very dirty, which was a bit perplexing.

Today I discovered what is actually happening. As I left the house with Elliot in the stroller, I looked up at the front window and Yoshi was standing on the back of the couch. Full on standing, all fours on the couch back. If I wasn’t so mad I would have laughed, as you could see his whole body in the window. I thought about going back into the house to kick him off, but realized he’d just go back on. Then he had the nerve to lie down…again on the back of the couch. That’s when I laughed. The back of the couch is not that wide! So that’s how the cushions are getting knocked down.

When I got home, he wasn’t on the couch (I snuck up to the house and peeked in the window). When I opened the door, he came trotting around the corner, and it sounded like he’d just been on his dog bed. Good boy. Oh yes, did I mention that? We do provide him with at least one soft, poofy dog bed, but that apparently is not good enough. I went upstairs to put Elliot to bed, and came back down less than five minutes later to see Yoshi curled up on the chair…with the cushion still up behind him. So that explains why the chair is so dirty.

There are reasons he does this…he likes to be able to see outside and see who’s coming and going, he loves to be lying in the sun and he wants to be doing both these things on a soft surface. Unfortunately he can’t see outside from his dog bed, and unfortunately his dog bed doesn’t follow the sun.

Right now he’s curled up on his bed, in the sun. Because his pushover mum moved his bed to the biggest patch of sunshine she could find.

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