household chores

I don’t mind doing housework. It’s not my favourite thing to do, but I get a certain amount of satisfaction from a clean kitchen, clean laundry, and a dog hair-free floor (okay, the last thing has never happened, but we can always hope).

But there are a few chores that drive me nuts, especially doing them repeatedly and I wish there were some magic fairy who could do these chores for me.

There’d be the Ziploc Fairy, who would wash and dry all the Ziploc bags for me, so they wouldn’t first sit in a stack by the sink, and then forever hang off the fridge, drying.

There’d be the High Chair Fairy, who would wash Elliot’s high chair tray after every meal. Bonus points for washing his bib and the floor as well.

The Front Hall Fairy would sweep through the front foyer, pick up shoes, hang up jackets, open and sort the mail, recycle envelopes, and generally clean up the dumping ground of our house.

The Post Laundry Fairy would take our freshly cleaned and folded laundry and put it all away. Within five minutes of it being folded, not within five days.

The Diaper Genie Fairy would take Elliot’s diapers straight out to the garbage, right after each diaper change.

Ahhhh…sure would be nice.

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