relative time

So here we are, three days into 2007. This time last year I was seven months pregnant and trying to convince myself that two more months really wasn’t that long. This year I’m trying to convince myself that two months really is quite a long time…as that’s how much time I’ve got left before I go back to work.

I am going to try to slow things down a bit and try to enjoy every day with Elliot. I know that’s impossible, but even if I can just keep in mind that our first year together is coming to an end, I think it’ll help me sit back a bit and maybe reduce the amount of fretting I do over his upbringing.

And if my husband is reading this he’ll know that’s probably not possible either (the fretting reduction part). Oh well, how ’bout I just say that Elliot and I are going to have a good time together over the next few months. And that good time certainly doesn’t need to end when I’m back at work, it’ll just be a different life for all of us. And we’ll get used to it.