no introduction required (or, “I feel old”)

Last weekend Greg and I were in the car listening to the radio, and the song ‘Mad World’ came on. This song is currently used in an ad for an XBox game, Gears of War.

When Greg and I first saw the ad we did a bit of research on the song because it seemed very familiar, and because we liked it so much. We found out it was a cover of a Tears for Fears song, and the ad version is sung by Gary Jules.

Anyway, apparently the song is getting a lot of requests on the radio, and after it played, the DJ gave a bit of history, just saying what Greg and I already knew. But when he came to the cover bit, he said, “and it’s a cover of a tune by a band called Tears for Fears”.

A band called Tears for Fears?? Doesn’t everyone who listens to modern radio know that band? How old are these radio listeners, anyway? Sheesh, that’s like saying “a band called U2”.

Yeah, okay, I’m old.