no introduction required (or, “I feel old”)

Last weekend Greg and I were in the car listening to the radio, and the song ‘Mad World’ came on. This song is currently used in an ad for an XBox game, Gears of War.

When Greg and I first saw the ad we did a bit of research on the song because it seemed very familiar, and because we liked it so much. We found out it was a cover of a Tears for Fears song, and the ad version is sung by Gary Jules.

Anyway, apparently the song is getting a lot of requests on the radio, and after it played, the DJ gave a bit of history, just saying what Greg and I already knew. But when he came to the cover bit, he said, “and it’s a cover of a tune by a band called Tears for Fears”.

A band called Tears for Fears?? Doesn’t everyone who listens to modern radio know that band? How old are these radio listeners, anyway? Sheesh, that’s like saying “a band called U2”.

Yeah, okay, I’m old.

ferry fun

I have taken the ferry so often over the past 15 years that it has become a chore. I hate to admit it, as it’s such a beautiful trip, but that is how I feel. Or felt.

I just did a round trip with Elliot, and I’ve got a renewed sense of enjoyment for the ride. Now that he’s crawling around and so easily entertained, we just hung out in the children’s play area and had a great time. 90 minutes of playing one-on-one with him — no email, phone or housework distractions. (Although I have to admit on the trip home Greg was with us, so I did take the opportunity to read for a few minutes.)

And lots of interesting kids and parents to chat with as well.

the power of a thank you

Last night was Greg’s work Christmas party, and he and I had arranged earlier in the week that this morning it would be Greg getting up with Elliot and Sue would have a sleep-in. I was looking forward to the sleep-in (who wouldn’t be), especially since I have a cold and am not feeling that great.

The party was a lot of fun, but I ended up leaving before Greg. I got to bed at about 1:00, thinking that Greg was going to have one tired morning. He arrived home and climbed into bed at about 2:30. I quickly calculated how much sleep he was likely to get, combined with how much alcohol he might have had, and started thinking that maybe my sleep-in was a pipe dream.

At 5:40, after nursing at 5:00, Elliot woke up crying. I lay in bed for a few minutes, praying he’d go back to sleep, and he did. For 20 minutes. At 6:00 he woke again, but this time he was making happy noises. Neither Greg nor I moved. We’ve left him in his crib when he’s happy for almost half an hour before, so I actually tried to go back to sleep. But a few minutes later Elliot started crying. Again, no movement from the other side of the bed.

I took pity on my husband and decided I’d get up, knowing that I’d be able to have a nap later in the day. Heck, five hours of sleep? No problemo! 😉

So Elliot and I got up together, had a cuddle, some breakfast, and Grandma got up shortly after that so we had some additional company. It was actually quite nice, but I was exhausted.

At 9:00 Greg finally started stirring, and Elliot was just waking up from his first nap, so I took him in to see Greg. Almost the first words out of Greg’s mouth were “thank you”. To me, for getting up with Elliot. Such simple words, but it meant so much to me. No, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Elliot is a joy to be with, especially in the mornings, but to have Greg acknowledge the small sacrifice I had made was much appreciated.

renting advantage

Two nights ago Greg and I realized there was a large puddle on the kitchen floor. The source? A leak in the roof, likely from all the snow.

That same day I noticed a crack about a foot long in the window of Elliot’s bedroom. That crack now runs almost the entire height of the window.

Both items will be fixed soon, and while it’s a bit of an annoyance for us, thankfully Greg and I don’t have to pay for the repairs.

It’s times like these I’m happy we are renting.