first snow

The first snow of the year is usually a magical time for me — I hear the forecast, hope it’s correct, and wait for the white stuff to appear. I love seeing the snow on the trees, I love the muffled stillness and cozy feelings the snow brings, and I love walking with Yoshi in the snow, watching him gallop around with glee.

This year was a bit different. We had our annual Cowichan Ladies Weekend this past weekend, and the snow started during our lunch en route to the cabin. I didn’t quite feel the same excitement…I think because I wasn’t safe at home. We had a drive ahead of us, and we were headed to a cold cabin.

Over the next 24 hours, more things got in the way of me feeling the magic. The power went out in the cabin and it got quite cold, I was a bit nervous at night with no light, the power stayed off all night so we unfortunately couldn’t have a hot breakfast, and we had to drive home in the snow, thankfully in a 4×4 truck, but with a bum window that kept inexplicably opening and not closing. All things that put me a bit on edge.

Then I got home, happy to see my son and hubby, but I still felt out of sorts. It was still snowing and there was a winter wonderland out there, but I was feeling grumpy. We even went for a walk, and seeing Yoshi running through the snow didn’t help.

Then after dinner, and after Elliot was warm, snug and fast asleep, I walked upstairs, saw the snow coming down in the streetlight and felt the magic. And I smiled to myself, thinking all was right in my world.