walking with company

I have always loved walking with my dog. First is was Abby, then Sylvie and Barkley, and for the past five years, Yoshi. Part of it is the places I go with a dog — most often a park of some type — but mostly it is the companionship.

Yoshi is always game to go, rain or shine, and he doesn’t care where we go, as long as we’re out. I love the company, and when I walk without him, even if I am with a friend who has a dog, I miss him.

This morning Yoshi, Elliot and I were out walking and I realized I now have another walking companion who’s always game to go, and who’s company I love — my son. It doesn’t matter if he’s in the stroller or the backpack, he loves to be outside. I’m hoping when he learns to walk I can instill in him a love of walking in parks with our dog.

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