double your money

I have been a Thrifty Foods shopper for a lot of years, and I keep going back because of their superior customer service and quality of food.

Tonight I had yet another pleasant experience. I had bought three red peppers on Saturday, and when I went to use one tonight I noticed the top was moldy. I was about to throw it out when Greg suggested I take it back. Since I was going shopping tonight, and because red peppers aren’t cheap, I figured it was worth it.

I went to the Customer Service desk and gave the cashier the pepper. She asked me if I had my receipt, and I was surprised as I didn’t think I’d need it. I happened to have it, and she took it and told me I’d get double my money back. What? Yup, that’s their return policy. If it’s a question of quality, they’ll give you double your money back if you have your receipt, up to $10 (without a receipt you’ll still get money back, based on the current price of the product). This was news to me, and another example of their impressive customer service.

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