business suits?

Last week I was swimming and in the lane next to me I noticed two men talking to each other, just hanging on to the side of the pool. One guy was about my age and the other guy was about 10 or 15 years older. I’m not sure why I noticed them…maybe because they weren’t swimming. And maybe because they were talking for quite a while.

After my swim I headed for the hot tub, and the two men were already there. I couldn’t help hearing snippets of their conversation, and it sounded like they were having a business meeting. The younger guy was explaining something, and it sounded like he was describing a proposal of some kind. About five minutes later they stood up, and the older guy said he’d think about it and contact the other guy (or something along those lines). Then they shook hands and went their separate ways.

I was left wondering what they were talking about (obviously my eavesdropping skills need some improvement), and why did they meet in a pool, of all places?