sleep, what sleep?

Last night wasn’t the greatest night for Greg and I, and I can’t blame it all on Sprout, in fact most of the fault likes with Yoshi.

It started right after we went to bed, at about 10:30. Sprout woke up. Not a big deal, Greg went in, put his soother back in, and he went to sleep. But when he wakes up around that time I also get on edge, thinking the night is going to be a disaster.

Fast forward 15 minutes…Yoshi starts whining. Unusual for him, then he starts whining louder. Greg gets up and lets him out, Yoshi has a poop and comes back in. All is good.

Then at around 11:30 I hear him whining again. Loud enough that I think he’s going to wake up Sprout. I get up and let him out. He trots around the yard for a bit, pees, and comes back in. He seems fine.

Half an hour later, more whining. I try to ignore him. And I try not to think of the possibility that he has the runs and will have in accident in the house. Then I hear the very unpleasing sound of him puking. Great, although somewhat relieving as I’d rather clean up dog puke than runny poop.

So I get up again, hoping I don’t step on anything before I turn on the light, clean up the small amount of puke and let him out again, as he’s still whining. Nothing. So back in again.

Then at about 1:00, he starts whining again. Greg gets up this time (because I was just going to ignore him). He lets him out again, and he has another poop. Back in, and he seems fine after that.

Then Aphro starts licking the sliding glass door in our bedroom. I have no idea why she does this, but it drives me nuts. I scare her so she’ll stop, and she does.

I look at the clock, and it’s 1:30. Sprout has been waking up at 1:30 the past couple of nights, so I fall into a fitful sleep, thinking he’ll wake up at any time. Wake up at 2:30 to one cry from Sprout, but it doesn’t amount to anything. Fall back asleep.

At 4:00, Sprout wakes up. Normally I’d be celebrating this fact, as he doesn’t very often make it this far, but I’m so exhausted, it’s a huge effort to get out of bed. I get up, feed him, and get back into bed.

Half an hour later, I hear him crying again. I lie there for a few minutes, hoping he’ll stop, stress level going up as I wonder what we should do about these night wakings. I finally go in, try putting his soother back in, but he pushes me away. So I put him in his straightja…I mean I swaddle him, and he goes back to sleep. Wakes up at 6:20. Greg gets up with him and I sleep for another hour.

I think it’ll be early to bed for us tonight.

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