phone down

A few months back Greg started complaining about the fact that I didn’t have a reliable cell phone, and he kept bugging me about getting a new one. I resisted. After all, what did I care that the battery died two hours after recharging it? I hardly ever used the phone. But he was sick and tired of not being able to get a hold of me.

So a couple of months ago I caved, and went out and bought the cheapest phone I could. I got the Samsung a630. And after a day of using it I wondered why I’d waited so long. It really was quite handy to have a phone with a battery that lasted longer than two hours. Heck, it lasted days.

Yes, notice I’m using the past tense. The phone is no more. I was out for a walk today and when I got back to the car, I put it on the hood, thinking at the same time that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. But all I was doing was getting Sprout out of the backpack and into the car. I really couldn’t forget it in that short time. Apparently I can. I didn’t remember it until two hours later. At which time I was at home, late for a dentist appointment.

I decided that going back to the parking lot to look for it was worth the money I spent on it, so I called my dentist to see if it was okay if I was a bit late, and I went out to look for it. It was a long shot I know, and I didn’t find it. Who knows where it rolled off, what ran over it and who might have picked it up. I called it several times, and it sounded like it was still on (i.e. it didn’t go to the Telus recording right away), but no one answered, and I couldn’t hear it ringing as I looked for it.

So that all made me very late for my dentist appointment. I called to see if it was still worth coming in, and they said to come and they’d do what they had time for. This was also frustrating because it meant I’d have to arrange for Greg to take Elliot during the day again so I could have a second appointment. But turns out I had some good karma today as well, as the person with the appointment after me cancelled at the last minute so she was able to do my whole appointment.

But I sure am pissed at myself for being so stupid and distracted. Although at least I didn’t drive away without my child. 🙂

And just in case a certain reader who has known me for a while remembers a similar incident about ten years back…yes it’s true. This is the second time I’ve left a cell phone on the hood of a car.

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