phone down – permanently

The other night I was complaining to Greg about having to shell out the cash to replace my phone, and he made the suggestion that perhaps two people don’t need two cell phones. Hmmmm…good point! So we’ve decided not to replace my phone, and just see how it goes having one phone between us. Just wish we’d had the conversation before I bought the phone!

And tonight, Greg (who likes his electronic toys and has been carrying a cell phone since I’ve known him) generously referred to our remaining phone as ‘the phone’, instead of ‘my phone’.

But I have to say I do miss my little phone!

nighttime fears

I’m afraid of the dark. Yup, 35 years old and afraid of the dark. More specifically, I’m afraid of how things look in the dark. Like mirrors, showers and open closets. Mirrors are the worst. When I go to the bathroom at night, I avoid looking in any mirrors in my path.

I don’t know where this fear comes from, but I’ve had it since childhood. As a child, before I went to bed I had to have my closet doors shut, under the bed checked (not by me) and the hall light on. In my bedroom now I’ve got a closet that doesn’t have a door, and it’s taken my a while to get used to it. And even worse, I can see the closet in the mirror in our bedroom, so it’s a double whammy.

So, what prompted this post? Well I recently saw an episode of CSI, where college students dressed in black hoodies and masks were attacking tourists. At one point, one of the victims looks into her make-up mirror right before she gets attacked. When I’m watching anything remotely scary on TV and someone’s looking in a mirror, I immediately look away, because that’s my worse nightmare, seeing something scary in the mirror. So I don’t know if they showed the attackers in the mirror — the idea of it was enough to freak me out.

So for the past ten days, I haven’t been able to go to the bathroom at night without turning on the bathroom light. The mirror and the dark is just too freaky a combination for me. I keep thinking of the CSI episode. And now that I’ve written this post it’ll probably take me even longer to get over it, as I’ve refreshed my memory.

And don’t get me started about what could be lurking behind that shower curtain in the middle of the night…

time change

So this time change thing just seems like a waste of time. Sprout missed his morning nap, and Yoshi is wondering where the heck his dinner is. The cat, however, seems to be managing just fine. I guess when you sleep for most of your day, time just doesn’t matter.

How do you explain the time change to a pooch and an eight-month-old?

business suits?

Last week I was swimming and in the lane next to me I noticed two men talking to each other, just hanging on to the side of the pool. One guy was about my age and the other guy was about 10 or 15 years older. I’m not sure why I noticed them…maybe because they weren’t swimming. And maybe because they were talking for quite a while.

After my swim I headed for the hot tub, and the two men were already there. I couldn’t help hearing snippets of their conversation, and it sounded like they were having a business meeting. The younger guy was explaining something, and it sounded like he was describing a proposal of some kind. About five minutes later they stood up, and the older guy said he’d think about it and contact the other guy (or something along those lines). Then they shook hands and went their separate ways.

I was left wondering what they were talking about (obviously my eavesdropping skills need some improvement), and why did they meet in a pool, of all places?

sleep, what sleep?

Last night wasn’t the greatest night for Greg and I, and I can’t blame it all on Sprout, in fact most of the fault likes with Yoshi.

It started right after we went to bed, at about 10:30. Sprout woke up. Not a big deal, Greg went in, put his soother back in, and he went to sleep. But when he wakes up around that time I also get on edge, thinking the night is going to be a disaster.

Fast forward 15 minutes…Yoshi starts whining. Unusual for him, then he starts whining louder. Greg gets up and lets him out, Yoshi has a poop and comes back in. All is good.

Then at around 11:30 I hear him whining again. Loud enough that I think he’s going to wake up Sprout. I get up and let him out. He trots around the yard for a bit, pees, and comes back in. He seems fine.

Half an hour later, more whining. I try to ignore him. And I try not to think of the possibility that he has the runs and will have in accident in the house. Then I hear the very unpleasing sound of him puking. Great, although somewhat relieving as I’d rather clean up dog puke than runny poop.

So I get up again, hoping I don’t step on anything before I turn on the light, clean up the small amount of puke and let him out again, as he’s still whining. Nothing. So back in again.

Then at about 1:00, he starts whining again. Greg gets up this time (because I was just going to ignore him). He lets him out again, and he has another poop. Back in, and he seems fine after that.

Then Aphro starts licking the sliding glass door in our bedroom. I have no idea why she does this, but it drives me nuts. I scare her so she’ll stop, and she does.

I look at the clock, and it’s 1:30. Sprout has been waking up at 1:30 the past couple of nights, so I fall into a fitful sleep, thinking he’ll wake up at any time. Wake up at 2:30 to one cry from Sprout, but it doesn’t amount to anything. Fall back asleep.

At 4:00, Sprout wakes up. Normally I’d be celebrating this fact, as he doesn’t very often make it this far, but I’m so exhausted, it’s a huge effort to get out of bed. I get up, feed him, and get back into bed.

Half an hour later, I hear him crying again. I lie there for a few minutes, hoping he’ll stop, stress level going up as I wonder what we should do about these night wakings. I finally go in, try putting his soother back in, but he pushes me away. So I put him in his straightja…I mean I swaddle him, and he goes back to sleep. Wakes up at 6:20. Greg gets up with him and I sleep for another hour.

I think it’ll be early to bed for us tonight.

cheap swim

Sprout had his first swimming lesson tonight, with Greg. I tagged along to help in the change room and to do a swim myself. I did 500 m, which I was pretty proud of, seeing as I haven’t swum since I was about seven months pregnant, and my ‘pregnant swmming’ was pretty relaxed.

The lessons are Mondays and Wednesdays and Greg’s going to take him both days, so it looks like I’ll be able to swim twice a week. Yay!

And as an added bonus, the rec centre only charges a dollar when you swim during a swimming lesson for your child. I thought that was pretty cool.

running happy

I got out for a run with kaptaink this morning, first one in a while. We went to Thetis with the pooches, my favourite place to run with a dog.

K wanted to a longer run than I was up for, so I walked for the first bit and she ran in the opposite direction, and when we met up I started running. According to her little Nike iPod doo-hickey, she ran 9.33 km, and I think I ran about 5 km. Not too bad.

When I got home Greg and Sprout were out, so I got to have a hot, leisurely shower and do this blog post. Life’s good. 🙂

phone down

A few months back Greg started complaining about the fact that I didn’t have a reliable cell phone, and he kept bugging me about getting a new one. I resisted. After all, what did I care that the battery died two hours after recharging it? I hardly ever used the phone. But he was sick and tired of not being able to get a hold of me.

So a couple of months ago I caved, and went out and bought the cheapest phone I could. I got the Samsung a630. And after a day of using it I wondered why I’d waited so long. It really was quite handy to have a phone with a battery that lasted longer than two hours. Heck, it lasted days.

Yes, notice I’m using the past tense. The phone is no more. I was out for a walk today and when I got back to the car, I put it on the hood, thinking at the same time that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. But all I was doing was getting Sprout out of the backpack and into the car. I really couldn’t forget it in that short time. Apparently I can. I didn’t remember it until two hours later. At which time I was at home, late for a dentist appointment.

I decided that going back to the parking lot to look for it was worth the money I spent on it, so I called my dentist to see if it was okay if I was a bit late, and I went out to look for it. It was a long shot I know, and I didn’t find it. Who knows where it rolled off, what ran over it and who might have picked it up. I called it several times, and it sounded like it was still on (i.e. it didn’t go to the Telus recording right away), but no one answered, and I couldn’t hear it ringing as I looked for it.

So that all made me very late for my dentist appointment. I called to see if it was still worth coming in, and they said to come and they’d do what they had time for. This was also frustrating because it meant I’d have to arrange for Greg to take Elliot during the day again so I could have a second appointment. But turns out I had some good karma today as well, as the person with the appointment after me cancelled at the last minute so she was able to do my whole appointment.

But I sure am pissed at myself for being so stupid and distracted. Although at least I didn’t drive away without my child. 🙂

And just in case a certain reader who has known me for a while remembers a similar incident about ten years back…yes it’s true. This is the second time I’ve left a cell phone on the hood of a car.


For the past five months, we’ve been dealing with a rat issue in our house. It started with some scampering noises in the attic (which we thought were squirrels on the roof), and then we noticed rat poop by the cat food in the basement.

We got an exterminator in and we’ve so far boarded up two possible access points into the house and removed all pet food from the basement and garage, but it appears there’s been rat activity in the basement as recently as this afternoon. The exterminator was here this morning to reset two traps, and one of the traps was flipped over when I got home this afternoon (but no rat caught).

I’ve lost count of the number of rats we’ve actually caught so far. I think we’re close to ten. So far there hasn’t been any sign of them in the living area of the house, just the garage, attic and basement. But it’s a big pain. Not only because I think they are the most disgusting creatures on the planet, but also because it means we have to have Aphro’s litter box upstairs. It’s much more convenient to have it in the basement, out of the way, but we can’t let her down there while the traps are out.

When I talked to the exterminator this morning, he suggested that we may have to go on their ‘residential plan’, which is basically a yearly plan that has them visiting the house at least four times a year, more if necessary. Apparently it’s pretty common for home owners in Victoria to have to do this, as the rat population is a bit out of control.

The only plus to all this is that because we’re renting, we haven’t had to pay for the exterminator’s services.

Stupid, icky rats.